“Broadway and Beyond 2017” Audition Information

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Broadway and Beyond 2017 Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 22nd starting at 11:00 for grades 8-12 and 2:30pm for grades 4-7 at Aiken Community Playhouse. Performances will be held Friday, March 24th and Saturday, March 25th, 2017.

If you Love to SING, DANCE, and ACT, we’d love to see you at our upcoming Broadway & Beyond Auditions: Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.
Grades 8 -12: Registration 10:30 am; Audition begins at 11:00 am with:

  1. Group Dance/Choreography: Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for dance movement. The choreography will be taught at the audition.
  2. Individual Presentations: You will have 2 minutes in total to perform both a selection from a Broadway song AND a monologue from a published play.  2 minutes is a firm cut-off time. Each selection does not have to be 1 minute; if you have a great monologue that is 1 1/2 minutes, your song cut will need to be only 30 seconds long or vice versa. For song and monologue cuts pick the section that you feel shows your strengths  the best. For monologues: Please bring 3 copies of the monologue. Include the name of the play and the character being portrayed. For songs: Please bring a track No A Capella presentations. Tracks can be on a cd, or electronic device.

Individual Presentations will be closed. Please remember you do not need to be a “Triple Threat” to be cast, we just want to make sure we get a chance to see you in each of these components.

Grades 4 -7: Registration 2:00   Audition begins at 2:30

  1. Group Dance/Choreography: Choreography will be taught at auditions. Please wear suitable clothing and shoes.
  2. Ensemble singing: Group song taught at auditions. No individual presentations are required.

For any student who is unable to attend the auditions on Oct 22nd, we will offer a modified make-up session, date TBD. Format may vary from the official audition. Auditioners must contact us at info@aikencommunityplayhouse.com prior to Oct. 21. Please indicate “B&B Audition Conflict” in the subject line. We will contact each sender individually – the sooner we know of a conflict, the better chance there is of accommodating your needs. We cannot guarantee a second opportunity to audition.

For further information, please contact ACP at the above email address or call 803-648-1438.