Audition Dates:

Auntie Mame_ndAuntie Mame -youth wing Dec. 7 at 7pm and Dec. 8 at 7pm
A huge thank you to all who auditioned for us, there was an amazing amount of talent at these auditions, but unfortunately we could not cast everyone. We hope you will come out and audition for us again for our next show.

ACP is proud to present the cast of “Auntie Mame”!

Mame Dennis: Katte Noel
Young Patrick Dennis: Jacob Mastromonico
Patrick Dennis: Bennet Lunn
Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside: John Eaves
Vera Charles: Jessica Kirschner
Norah Muldoon: Brittany Winans
Ito: Ernesto Barquet
Agnes Gooch: Carlee McClary
Mr. Lindsay Woolsey: Joe Costello
Mr. Babcock: Brian Sirk
Brian O’Bannion: Morgan Pruiett
Sally Cato MacDougal: Minna Heaton
Doris Upson: Kaitlyn Pruiett
Claude Upson: Max Norris
Gloria Upson: Tory Kornreich
Pegeen Ryan: Lexi Splawn
Mother Burnside: Kayce Jendraszek
Emory MacDougal: Todd Crider
Cousin Jeff: Bryson Chapman
Cousin Fan: Brie Knowles
Ralph Devine: Andrew Heaton
Theatre Manager: Seth Hildebrand
Stage Manager: Virginia Wayt Ms.Waldo (Mame’s paperhanger): Katelynn Chason
Mrs. Loomis: Ellie Keeter

Ensemble/Featured players (specific parts to be assigned in the first couple of rehearsals):
Alexis Young
Annelise Hipps
Blair Sims
Courtney Poda
Dylan Young
Gretchen LeGrande
Joshua Ateca
Luke Dawson
Savannah Brock
Sophie Galan
Tori Vining

Boeing boeingBoeing-Boeing February 15 at 7pm and February 16 at 7pm
Scripts are available at the box office.




PrintLes Miserables February 22 from 3pm – 5pm; (break for dinner) 6pm – 8 pm and February 23 at 7pm
Click here for audition information.




Blood Money_ndBlood Money April 12 at 3pm and April 13 at 7pm




Spelling Bee25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee TBD



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